Complaints Procedure

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CHIBS offers emotional support for bereaved people. This help is free and confidential. We aim to provide a good quality, quick referral service. We welcome all comments on the service we provide. The aim of this procedure is to ensure that complaints are investigated fully and promptly. If you make a complaint we will keep you informed at all stages.

Making a complaint
Your complaint should include your name, address and the nature of the complaint and also your signature. This needs to be sent to the coordinator at the address advised. We need to be informed of the complaint as soon as possible.

Acknowledging the complaint
All complaints will be acknowledged within seven days of receipt of the signed document.

Investigating the complaint
The coordinator will ensure that your complaint is investigated and dealt with as soon as possible. If the complaint is made against an individual a written copy will be made available to this person. All complaints will be brought to the management committee.

Unresolved complaints
If you are dissatisfied with the outcome you should state your reasons in a letter direct to the chair and further investigation will be made. Again you will receive a response within one month.

Hopefully any complaints will be dealt with satisfactorily and this last measure will not be necessary